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Everything you need to know about Dozer Hire


Dozers are arguably one of the most sought-after pieces of machinery in Australia. This is because they can be used across a wide variety of industries and projects. This includes mining sites, quarries, military bases, farms and for civil works.

The dozer is equipped with a mounted metal plate that is used to move large masses of soil, sand and other debris found on a worksite. The dozer can also be fitted with a ripper to loosen earth and soil. Dozers can be used for a wide variety of services including land clearing, dam construction, site preparation and more.

What are dozers used for?

The word ‘dozer’ - you guessed it, it short for bulldozer. This powerful piece of machinery is a tracked tractor with a mounted metal plate. Their tracks provide them with ground holding capabilities, allowing for ease of mobility and versatility to operate in a wide variety of terrains.

kellys earthworks dozer hire
kellys earthworks dozer hire

Wheeled dozers – Wheeled dozers are designed for speed and manoeuvrability above power. They are generally only used on large quarry and mining worksites.

Swamp dozers – Swamp dozers, like tracked dozers use tracks to operate across uneven terrains. However, they use wider tracks to ensure the weight of the dozer is distributed evenly over soft terrain. Swamp dozers are suited to swamp worksites or sandy areas.

Tracked dozers – these are by far the most common type of dozers. They are characterised by their tracks, which allow the machine to operate efficiently on uneven terrain. They have a higher level of versatility than other types of dozers and can operate across most terrains.

Types of dozers

There are three distinct types of dozers, they all are suitable for different types of worksites and projects.

What size dozer is suitable for my project?

Looking at the sizes and specifications when it comes to dozer hire can be daunting at first. From the D3 model to the D11, there is a wide variety of machinery with incredibly different sizes and capabilities. Let’s break it down!

Small dozers such as drott dozers, or D3 and D4 dozers are quite uncommon in Australia. They can be used for detailed trim work; forestry works and small agricultural projects. On the other end of the spectrum are large D9, D10 and D11 dozers which are generally used for large scale mining and quarry projects.

By far the most common type of Dozers for hire in Australia are the medium sized dozers. This includes D5, D6 and D7 dozer models. They have become increasingly popular due to improvements in GPS technologies and their maximal versatility. These dozers are used for the widest variety of projects in Australia. Some uses include housing developments, bulk earthworks and land clearing. 

Kelly’s Earthworks have D6 Dozers available for wet hire, when you hire with Kelly’s Earthworks, you can trust your project is in good hands with a professional operator backed by years of industry experience. We proudly service Palm Beach, Burleigh Heads, Ipswich, Toowoomba and beyond. Get in touch today to discuss your dozer hire needs.

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