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How to Hire the Right Excavator for your Project



Backed by operators with over 20 years of experience, there isn’t much Kellys Earthworks haven’t seen when it comes to earthmoving projects. We’ve provided first class services like dam construction, general excavation, site rehabilitation and civil construction for our loyal customers around Brisbane, Burleigh Heads, Ipswich, Noosa, the Sunshine Coast, Maryborough, Hervey Bay, Gympie, Kingaroy and beyond for years.

In order to hire the correct excavator for your project, the following 3 considerations describe what to consider when selecting an excavator for hire.

Job Condition and Job Type

Whether you are looking to use an excavator on a sunny day, or on rough and rugged terrain, considering what the excavation conditions may be is one of the most important considerations before selecting the right excavator. Depending on the job required you may need to consider how powerful you need the excavator to be. Additionally, lifting and moving capabilities can also play a factor. In conjunction, you may require a particular attachment to complete the job that only some excavators can utilise. Versatility may be what you are looking for, needing a good motion feature that can reach small, tight spaces.

Excavator Costs

One of the most vital considerations when determining the excavator for your project is the total cost of hiring an excavator. There are a wide array of factors needing to be considered including the size of the job and how much excavation is required. If you have a big project, selecting a small excavator may not be a wise choice. This also relates to transportation, each excavator size can vary on how they are transported, which affects the total cost. Determining the total cost of an excavator hire can be a timely task, Kelly’s Earthworks, however, makes this process simple and easy.

The Size

When it comes to deciding which excavator, you need for your project, the size is the most important factor. Choosing an excavator that is too large for a project could result in a waste of money while choosing too small of an excavator can result in a task taking longer than required. There are three main categories of excavators; mini, standard or large, deciding which one may be a challenge.

  • Mini Excavators – Mini excavators are the most mobile and are able to be manoeuvred into small spaces quite well. They usually weigh under 7,000 kg, which allows these excavators to work without causing any significant damage to the surrounding surfaces such as dirt, road or side paths.

  • Standard Excavators – Standard excavators are the most common excavator on the market, being able to be used for construction as well as general project sites. They usually weight between 7,000 kg and 45,000 kg, allowing them to be very versatile when it comes to attachments.

  • Large Excavators – Large excavators are used for major construction projects due to their large power they provide, as well as completing tasks such as lifting or placing piping, demolition jobs and bulk excavation and earthworks. These machines weigh anywhere from 45,000 kg to 90,000 kg and as a result, aren’t made to work in urbanised areas or on slopes.

Kelly’s Earthworks supplies and maintains a comprehensive selection of excavators as well as dozers for projects within South East Queensland. Enquire today on how we can provide you with the perfect excavator for your project today.

Comprehensive Earthmoving Solutions at Affordable Prices

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