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What is a GPS excavator?


The introduction of Global Positioning Systems has changed the construction world for the better. Precise satellite data and 3D topographic plans have paved the way for easier control for operators. They can skim sites without worrying that they are not on the right target.

When this technology was first released, dozers and motor graders were the machines mostly using this technology. But nowadays, you can find them outfitted in excavators and more.

So, what is a GPS excavator?


The GPS Excavator

Many excavators that are being produced make use of GPS-based grade control systems. These systems provide the exact position and orientation of the bucket. This way, operators can perform tasks such as mass excavation without any fear of over-excavating. This also means more productivity and less time spent on surveying and grade checking. Other applications that can benefit from GPS excavators include trenching, dredging and waterways.

Moreover, with GPS systems, you'll have all the site plans at your fingertips. The in-cab operator displays are designed for ease of use, which will allow for maximum operator efficiency. The system will also include features such as bucket sensors, boom sensors, GPS receiver, and touchscreen controller. All of these help with performing precision work.

What are the benefits?

You can rest assured that there will be no over digging

When you make use of GPS excavators, you'll find out that when operating the machinery, the bucket will stop at the exact bottom of the trench, which means that you won’t be disturbing the current soil below grade. You also won't have to fill in low spots with fresh material or put compaction equipment in the trenches.

You can ensure safety

GPS excavators are known for the accuracy of their digs. Operators won't have to put a rod down in the trench to measure the depth and surveyors won't be needed to calibrate the accuracy of your work. For this reason, there would be fewer risks associated with putting people in trenches.

You can cut complex contours

With the GPS system, excavators would be able to carve culverts, pads, and mounds accurately without disturbing the underlying soil, which means there wouldn't be any need for cleanup machines.

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Those are just some of the benefits of GPS excavators. If you want to find reliable earthmoving machinery, you can check out our excavation equipment in detail. We have over 20 years of earthmoving experience and maintain a fleet of modern machines including GPS excavators. Contact us today!

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